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We design, manufacture, and distribute biomedical instruments for basic medical sciences, medicine, and veterinary medicine. Click on the info button at the top right of this page for contact information.

Vestavia Scientific, LLC, went out of business on 9/30/2016.
Now defunct, we are still allowed to sell items we have in stock. We mostly carry consumables, such as glass capillaries, o-rings, metric screws and such. In addition, we have accessories and spare parts to the microperfusion system, and a new microperfusion pump (0-40nl). For prices, please call 205 979-5718.

Microperfusion system

Microperfusion system for renal tubules, sweat ducts, intestinal crypts, and other small, tubular structures. System features V-tracks with built-in micrometer drives, A-, B-, and C-pipette holders with air-tight seals and unique pipette alignment mechanism, microscope stage plate with rapidly removable perfusion chamber, complete miniature electrodes for electrical recordings, XYZ-manipulators which are directly attached to the stage plate, pipette alignment stage, and a wide range of other accessories.

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Perfusion Chamber

The perfusion chamber is part of the Vestavia microperfusion system. It mounts directly to the microscope stage plate via a quick-release flange, facilitating rapid specimen exchange during an experiment. Stage plates are available for most inverted light research microscopes. The chamber comes in different designs, can be heated, and has accessories for electrical recording and bath exchange.

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Operating Table

Heated operating table for small animals (mice, rats, guinea pigs). Control circuits keeps body temperature of animal constant. Operating table includes electronic control unit, heating element, rectal temperature probe, holding bar, one swivel bar clamp, and one fixed bar clamp. A wide range of accessories is available, such as wound retractors and kidney cups for renal micropuncture studies. Table can be mounted on an optional XY-stage for precision translational and rotational positioning.

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Capillary Grinder

Capillary grinder for beveling tips of glass capillaries used for micropuncture and intracellular impalements. Features continuously adjustable grinding angle. Fluid delivery system allows wet-honing of pipette tips. Grinder can be fitted with stereo light microscope that uses 25 mm (1 inch) mounting posts for visual inspection of the grinding process. Optional rack mount for Wild microscopes with rack and pinion drive. Also available complete with stereomicroscope.

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Perfusion Pump

Microperfusion pump for renal micropuncture and precise injections or extractions of extremely small fluid samples from tissues containing lumina, such as sweat glands and colonic crypts. Pump may also be used for injecting cells. Two different models are available which feature continuously selectable perfusion speeds of up to 40 and 80 nl/min, respectively. Pump includes electronic step motor drive and control unit with digital display of pump speed.

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Hydraulic Microdrive

Hydraulic microdrive for setting oil blocks in renal micropuncture and for many other applications involving micromanipulations. The drive consists of a master cylinder and slave cylinder. The piston of the master cylinder is driven by a precision micrometer screw which can be moved forward or backward by turning the large calibrated hand wheel (coarse drive). When engaging the fine drive, the micrometer screw is operated by the smaller hand wheel of the fine drive only.

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Pipette Puller

Pipette puller for glass capillaries with 1 - 2 mm outer diameter (special holders for larger diameters are available on request). The puller can be adjusted to produce pipette tips of varying shapes and lengths for renal micropuncture and other applications. Comes as 2-dimensional puller as shown here or as horizontal flatbed puller. Fitted with clear acrylic dust cover for protection against drafts. Includes electronic control unit.

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