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Product Information Perfusion Chamber

Catalogue Numbers:

01-40   Perfusion chamber, round, complete with handle
01-41   Perfusion chamber, round, complete with handle and built-in heating coil
01-42   Perfusion chamber, channel-type, complete with handle (cross-perfusion)
01-43   Perfusion chamber, channel-type, complete with handle (perfusion along axis)

Round Chamber   Standard round chamber (01-40)

Channel-type Chamber   Channel-type chamber (01-43)


The perfusion chamber is part of the Vestavia Microperfusion System. It mounts directly to the stage plate via a quick-release connection, facilitating rapid specimen exchange during the experiment. Two spring-loaded clips are holding the chamber in place. The tension can be adjusted by turning the clip (or the set screw inside the clip) to the right or left. The basic round chamber is available in black Delrin® and, if resistance to acids and strong oxidants is desired, in Tefzel® (special order).

The bottom of the chamber is formed by a thin glass window. Windows of different thicknesses (down to #00) can be obtained from Vestavia Scientific or microscopy supply stores. The window is glued to chamber. Latex rubber, silicon glue, or epoxy cement may be used for this purpose. Often, dental wax is sufficient to keep the window in place. The window can be cleaned with any household window cleaner or alcohol (methanol, ethanol).

For experiments that require a faster solution exchange a smaller, channel-type chamber is available (0.80 vs. 2.59 ml bath volume). The chamber has two built-in access ports which may be used for fluid exchange, connecting a bath electrode, or inserting a temperature probe. The chamber is available in two versions: 01-42, for cross-perfusion (inlet and outlet in the side walls), and 01-43, for perfusion along the length of the chamber (inlet and outlet in the sloped walls). Perfusion along the longitudinal axis reduces the risk that the specimen is displaced during a solution exchange.

Heated Chamber:

Perfusion Chamber   Heated chamber (01-41) in compact stage plate

The round chamber is also available with a built-in electrical heating coil (01-41). Maximal power rating of the coil is:

  • 5 Watt, peak load (< 5 sec)
  • 2 Watt, continuous load (chamber filled by at least half, 37 degree C).

Exceeding these limits may damage the heating coil and chamber. The resistance of the coil is about 10 ohm at room temperature. The exact value is engraved on the bottom of the chamber, right next to the handle.

When using a temperature controller with the chamber, positioning of the temperature probe greatly affects the regulating behavior. With the sensor close to the heating coil, the controller will have the shortest cycling time, resulting in the smallest temperature variations from the set point. This position also reduces the risk of overheating. On the other hand, the temperature in the center of the chamber may be considerably off from the set point without stirring.

A sensor position close to the specimen will effectively eliminate the temperature offset. However, the temperature may tend to oscillate widely around the set point unless a well-tuned PID controller is employed. In most cases, the best position for the temperature probe is halfway between heating coil and specimen.

Superfusion Cap:

superfusion cap   Chamber with superfusion cap (01-46)

The chamber is available with a superfusion cap that reduces evaporation, heat loss, and helps maintain a separate gas atmosphere (e.g., high levels of carbon dioxide needed for bicarbonate buffered solutions). The cap has two larger cutouts for perfusion pipettes and four small ones for tubings, ground electrodes, temperature probes, etc. The large center opening allows the use of a water immersion objective. The opening can be covered up with an 18 mm round cover slip, the same size used for the bottom of the chamber.

The following pages contain additional information on the perfusion chamber:


01-44   Bath electrode with built-in Ag/AgCl pellet electrode and gold pin connector
01-45   Set of 4 strain relief blocks for perfusion chamber
01-46   Superfusion cap for perfusion chamber
01-47   Temperature controller for perfusion chamber (includes DC power supply)
01-48   Insulated thermocouple for perfusion chamber, T-type, with miniature connector

See price list for full range of available accessories.

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