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Product Information Microdissection Table

Catalogue Numbers:

02-50   Microdissection table, Corian®. Without cutout
02-51   Microdissection table, Corian®. Complete with cutout for 60 mm o.d. petri dish

Dissection Table   Table for microdissection (w/o cutout)


Microdissection table, Corian®. Fits Wild® transmitted light stand (bright field/dark field). Available with cutout for 60 mm o.d. petri dish (02-51), or without cutout (02-50).

Dissection Table

Fig.1: Top view of the dissection table (02-51). All dimensions in mm

Table Cutout

Fig.2: Location of specimen within the table cutout (cross section)

The table is designed to be used with Wild® stereomicroscopes that are mounted on the Wild® bright field/dark field transmitted light stand. Simply remove holding clips from the light stand and slip the table over the stand. The optical axis of stereomicroscope and light stand has to be lined up with the center of the cutout in the table. For very delicate dissection work special mounting pads can be placed between table and light stand. The pads prevent any movements of the table relative to the microscope.

The table should be fitted with an appropriate cutout for illumination by transmitted light. Figure 1 shows the recommended location of the cutout when used together with the Wild® transmitted light stand (bright field/dark field). A special table version is available that features a cutout for a standard 60 mm glass Petri dish (02-51) at this location. The table may also be used with any other microscope or light stand provided that the light stand fits under the table (10.2 mm clearance). The location of the cutout may vary from that indicated in Figure 1.

Microdissection is most comfortable and, therefore, provides best results when the tissue is positioned slightly below the surface on which the forearms are resting. Figure 2 shows the location of specimen and tweezers using a 60 mm Petri dish on the 02-51 table. This location of the specimen is also optimal for dark field illumination in transmitted light.


Mounting pads (included), 60 mm Petri dish (included with 02-51 only). See price list for other accessories.

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