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Hydrofun starter kits

Hydrofun™ starter kits

Hydrofun™ starter kits contain everything needed to grow your own hydroculture plant. With hydrofun, taking care of plants is a snap: a water gauge tells you exactly when and how much to water, feeding is simply done by exchanging a fertilizer bag once every 6 month.

Raising your own plant Raising your own plant

You may transfer an adult plant that has been growing in soil to water by thoroughly cleaning the root system and repotting it in a hydroculture planter. However, a much simpler way is to clone your favorite plant and raise it from the very start in water instead of soil.

Taking care of your plant Taking care of your plant

Taking care of your hydroculture plant is simple when you follow these four easy rules: (i) water sparingly. Allow the water level go all the way down before watering again. (ii) feed regularly, about once every 6 month. (iii) provide sufficient lighting, and (iv) avoid drafts.

Picture gallery Picture gallery

Most indoor plants grow very well in hydroculture, including African violets, orchids, anthuriums, peace lilies, philodendrons, dieffenbachia, palms, as well as ficus, cactus, or Schefflera. The system is also perfect for growing herbs for your kitchen.

Sick-building syndrome Sick-building syndrome

Gases released from building materials such as formaldehyde, benzol, phenol and nicotine contribute to the phenomenon known as "sick-building syndrome." A recent study shows that hydroculture plants do a remarkable job of removing these indoor air pollutants.

Prices and availability Prices and availability

Starter kits come in 3 different sizes and a variety of designer colors. The most popular, medium size kit (SK2) is available in white, red, mauve, yellow, and black. All kits include a planter with hydroculture insert, water level indicator, clay pebbles, fertilizer pouch, and instructions.

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