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Product Information XYZ-manipulator

Catalogue Numbers:

01-12   XYZ-manipulator, right side, complete with mounting bracket
01-13   XYZ-manipulator, left side, complete with mounting bracket


XYZ-manipulator, right or left side, complete with bracket for mounting to the object stage of a light microscope (drawing of mounting brackets). Available with non-calibrated micrometer screw (normal version), high-resolution differential micrometer drive, or various motorized drives. Controllers for motorized drives, including joystick-type controllers, are also available.

manipulator for microscope stage

Technical Specifications:

Drive type Normal Differential
Travel 13 mm
Orthogonality 1 mrad
Load - horizontal 11 kg
Load - vertical 3.6 kg
Runout .8 µm
Angular deviation  150µrad
Resolution 1 µm .1 µm
Backlash - stage virtually zero
Backlash - drive 5 µm 1 µm
Accuracy drive not calibrated 1 %

Values are for a single stage (i.e. for each translational movement separately), no load, and are measured directly on carriage. Maximal recommended load for complete stage assembly is 1.2 kg. Top carriage is 40x60 mm large and features seven 1/4-20 tapped holes. A metric version with M6 threads is available on special order. Overall dimensions with normal drive in middle position are 145x135x130 mm (w/o mounting wedge); weight is 0.73 kg.

The following pages contain additional information on the XYZ-manipulator:


01-05   V-track for microperfusion system, complete with set screws
01-09   Mounting wedge for V-track, complete with dovetail
01-30   Microscope stage plate, with holding clips (fits Zeiss IM35® and Axiovert®)
01-31   Microscope stage plate, with holding clips (fits Olympus IMT-2®)
01-32   Microscope stage plate, with holding clips (fits Nikon Diaphot 200/300®)
01-33   Microscope stage plate, with holding clips (compact version)

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