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01-05   V-track for microperfusion system, complete with set screws
01-07   Sled for pipette holder, low profile

V-track   V-track (perfusion side)

Sled for pipette holder   Pipette holders mounted on sleds


The V-track is at the heart of the Vestavia microperfusion system. The V-shaped track on the top mounts a variety of pipette holders, the channel in the middle accepts the micrometer drive, and the dovetail cutout in the bottom connects the track to the XYZ-manipulator and aligning stage.

Travel on the dovetail slide is limited by the head of an M3 screw which can be inserted in any one of three tapped in the bottom of the channel, thus providing for three different end positions on the slide. The tapped holes in the side of the channel are for fastening the micrometer drive. Grease can be applied to the dove tail to reduce friction and minimize mechanical play. The ease of travel on the slide is adjustable by turning the center screw to the right (tighter) or left (less tight). To obtain the least possible resistance, the center screw may be taken out.

If the experimental design does not require collection of the perfusate, the V-track on the collection side may be replaced by the much more economical sled (01-07). The sled can be mounted on the dove tail at any position, using a set screw that can be inserted on either side of the sled. In principle, the sled could also be used on the perfusion side, in applications where the exact positioning of the B-pipette is not critical.


The schematic cross section below shows the V-track on the perfusion side, with pipette holders and micrometer drive already in place. Mounting of the holders, insertion of the pipettes, and adjustment of the drives are described in more details in the Microperfusion Manual.

Cross section

Cross section through V-track on the perfusion side

The pipette holders are held in place by the gliding blocks. The block of the B-holder contains an adjustable compression spring that is pulling the holder down. The tension should be adjusted high enough so that the holder rides squarely on the track; however, it must not be so high that the drive is no longer able to move the pipette.

The drives are fixed inside the channel by a set screw which can be inserted either into the right or left side of the V-track (the fixed part of the drive may have to be turned upside-down to achieve best performance). Maximum travel is about 5 mm.

The drive on the perfusion side must be capable of pushing the B-holder forward by at least 3 mm without any hesitation, i.e. from the starting position (1 mm open) the gap between moving and stationary part of the drive should open up smoothly to about 4 mm width before stopping and slipping may set in. If the travel is less than that, reduce tension of the gliding block of the B-holder or replace the compression spring inside the micrometer drive.

The drive on the collection side has a clamp for fastening the C-pipette. To avoid breaking of the pipette, the back end of the collection pipette should be mounted inside a stainless steel tubing.

The following pages contain additional information on the V-track:


01-09   Mounting wedge for V-track, complete with dovetail
01-15   Micrometer drive for perfusion side
01-16   Micrometer drive for collection side
01-20   A-pipette holder, complete with mounting block, tubing connector, and seal
01-21   B-pipette holder, complete with gliding block, tubing connector, pushing rod, and seals
01-23   C-pipette holder, complete with mounting block, tubing connector, seal, and plug
01-25   Stage for pipette alignment, complete with dovetail

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